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Ben and Mike review the Nur Ein song contest.

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Episode 14: Spicy Opinions Vol 1


Episode 14: Spicy Opinions Vol 1

Folks, this is the best episode of The New Ugly podcast we've made to-date. A lot of people are even saying this is the most impressive podcast episode the world has ever seen.

It's a densely packed fiasco of topics, some of which are spicy, but hopefully not too spicy, but probably spicy, and I don't think there are demerits but there might be some demerits we'll see how it turns out.

* Intro and chat
* What's a coney dog?
* How to "photoshop" Ben's head onto a model
* An introduction to Amazon Web Services
* How to make a good password
* Gaming culture and Gold farming
* Mike enlightens us of his new hashtag
* We meander into the depths of the news media and how to fix it
* Ben really wanted to talk about the Google news, I guess
* Airplanes: What's the deal with them?
* Wrap-up

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